Helping small businesses gain financial insights to reduce taxes and grow their business.


At Blue Horizon Tax Advisors, we provide comprehensive tax compliance, tax planning, accounting, and business advisory services. We serve all industries with a focus on the marine industry, including marina owners, boat dealers, and boatyards.

Tax Compliance

We have expertise in preparing individual, S corporation, corporation, partnership, and trust tax returns. Utilizing the latest technology, we strive to make filing your return a simple experience while minimizing your tax liability.

Tax Planning

Being proactive in your tax planning and employing tax strategies will reduce your tax liability to help you reach your business and personal goals. We can design a plan with your business in mind that will save you money and maximize your after-tax income.


The foundation of good financial and tax planning begins with your records and bookkeeping. Let us help maintain your books so we can provide crucial insights to help you make the best business decisions. 

Business Advisory

We advise small businesses on a broad spectrum of business matters, including formations, entity selection, reasonable compensation, acquisition, sales, succession planning, and financial oversight.

About Us

Blue Horizon Tax Advisors is built to serve small businesses and their owners with comprehensive tax, accounting, and business solutions. With a decade of experience, we saw the need for businesses to have to access to professional advice year-round, without having to worry about costly hourly billing. We offer custom service packages that cater to your current business needs. Our tax and accounting professional is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with his Masters in Taxation from Northeastern University. We are located on the shoreline of Connecticut but serve clients all over New England and beyond.

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